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Emergency and first aid

It is a key part of our services, where rapid intervention in crisis and emergency and providing quality health services to respond and interact with various emergencies.

Community Qualification

The Union works on a comprehensive community qualification with different components to respond to the needs of the disabled, their families and their communities. The Union also works to promote community awareness about the rights of the disabled and mobilizes the local community to integrate the disabled into educational programs and workplaces

Health Education

Health education services are one of the main services of the Unions to integrate them into all other services. It also conducts health campaigns from time to time to raise awareness about emergency health services.

Specialized Medical Services

Specialized medical services are based on the need of the region and population in light of the services that provided by other health centers, in some narrow and rare specialties such as neurosurgery and congenital heart defects in children.

Our Program

Union Centers for Health Care Committees

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